Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why blog, and why now?

This past semester, I thought I would start a blog to keep track of the food I cook. Cooking for me involves a lot of throwing random ingredients into a pan and stirring, which is fun, but hard to reproduce if I enjoy something. I thought a blog would be a good way of keeping track of how I actually make to food I eat, and then maybe I would also blog about tea every so often.

Then, I actually started reading blogs about topics that are important to me. I started to read 22 Words, 9Marks, and Internet Monk, among others. I spend a lot of time thinking about God, theology, philosophy, books, and life. This blog is a chance for me to explore these more.

The title "My thoughts on display, that I may not fear" stems from the fact that I usually hide my opinions, and through this blog, I am trying to state what I believe because I know I am to fear God, not man. I should not fear to explore my theology and come right out and say what I think. I want to be intentional in stating my beliefs because it is all too easy to equivocate and hide ideas that would offend or accuse my friends who don't agree with me.

I am not the loudest person in the room, but I also do not consider myself as timid. I do not want to fear what others think of me, especially when it comes to my faith.

So I will not just keep track of my created recipes or the tea that I drink or humorous recounting of my daily activities. I might post about that sometimes, but the main reason for this blog is to be open with my beliefs to the wide internet world which only sometimes agrees with me.

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