Friday, June 10, 2011

Why I think I would enjoy smoking

Clarification: I have never smoked. anything. Nor do I plan on starting. Or even trying. But there are things about smoking that I find appealing that I think I would enjoy.

  1. Outside time. Smokers have a reason they have to go sit outside in any and all weather. When it is really cold or really hot, I am not going to go sit outside just for kicks. But I would hate and be glad of having a reason I had to.
  2. Hand gestures and fiddling. I like having things to do with my hands. I am generally doodling or knitting or playing with the rings or hair bands or jewelry I have on my person. Having something to hold and flick would be amusing.
  3. Breathing exercises. I like having things to do with my breath. I sometimes hold my breath just to see how long I can, and whenever I am in a car going though a tunnel, I hold my breath all the way through (if possible). I will also sometimes change the speed of my breathing intentionally.
  4. Community of smokers. You can't ask strangers for random items on a general basis, but you can ask strangers for a light or a cigarette. Automatic in, socially speaking, if you both are sitting in the same place for a smoking break.
So, I plan not to try smoking, because I think I would enjoy it.