Friday, May 8, 2009


Boxen: The Imaginary World of the Young C.S. Lewis contains a collection of short stories Lewis wrote when he was young about talking animals. One of my goals in life is to read everything by Lewis, and so it was fun to read this book. This quote is from the last story in the book, about a military officer in Boxen.

Boxen pg 164 In The Sailor A Study Volume I
'I know, My Lord,' replied Cottle, 'that his Lordship intends to reform the navy: but I have not yet been informned what part I may endeavour to play in such a work.'

'Well,' said Oliver, 'you entered to day on your first ship, and you as yet know little of your fellow-officers. You are young, and, I trust, vigorous, and I am entrusting you with a task which may alter the world.'

Cottle glanced at his muscular shoulders, as if expecting to see them crushed by such a imposition.

I find the image of a the shoulders crushed by the weight of the task assigned humorous. While very different from the Narnia chronicles, there were instances where I think I could see that he was indeed the same author.

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