Friday, March 11, 2011

Metro book club, we are at it again!

I was reading 'Fundamentalism' and the Word of God by J. I. Packer on a metrobus, and an old, kinda toothless man got on the bus and sat a couple seats away from me.

He said, "You look like you are reading a very interesting book." He then precedes to hand me a the book he is reading, which was about a way pioneered by some Eastern religious guy. He looks over my book while I look over his, and then he asks me if I have ever been out of the country.

"Yes, I have been to Mexico, France and the United Kingdom," I reply.
He asks me, "Have you ever considered going to India? I think you would benefit greatly from a trip to India. Awaken spiritually to things you never have seen before."

We talking about learning, and I say that I would probably learn a lot about myself and the world if I went to India, but that I did not think I would find the big spiritual way that he seemed to want me to find because I already believe I found truth. I told him that Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life."

He was all, "Fine, if you think you already know what you need..." He seemed really offended that I was not going to hop on a plane to India and discover a path to spiritual enlightenment.

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