Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fun from the summer! Kids just take everything so seriously... I think they are confused when we laugh at them

Gabriel: "My grandmother guards the house against ants, but they still get in and she kills them with a bug spray."

Gabriel: "Thanks Mrs. Dude!" Generally he just calls me Miss Laura.

Teddy is carrying a basketball over his head and drops it on himself. Teachers ask him if he is okay, he says he is fine then he says, "It gived me a shower."

I brought the kids outside to color with chalk and a couple of the boys were no longer interested in the chalk and found a window where they could watch the 6-7 year old kids play a sport. They started commentating. "Red team has it again." "Wow Number 4 has the ball!"

Me: "It is getting too loud in here. Hummingbirds, please use your inside voices."
They quiet down, then blocks fall on the floor.
Gabriel: "The blocks don't know they are supposed to use their inside voices."

I put sparkly star stickers by my eyes after a craft."
Max: "I like the treasures on your face!"

There was a kid wearing green face paint from another class.
Reuben: "Well, he looks like a wicked witch."
Gabriel: "Wicked witches don't exist..." With a question in his voice.

Teacher: "Theodore."
Me: "Theodore doesn't exist." Because he moved to a different class.
Gabriel: "Did THeodore die?"
Me: "No."
Gabriel: "But if he doesn't exist that means he dies."
Unfortunately, we don't cover meaning, existence, life and death in summer camp.

Me: "Once I was sledding and I went under a fence and into the middle of a street by accident."
Gabriel: "Did you die?"

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